Fastn-it Magneflex iPad Cart - 3" Med Caster

Fastn-it Magneflex iPad Cart - 3" Med Caster
Product Code: CC5001FA
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The Fastn-it Magneflex iPad Cart has a Black Antimicrobial Powder Coating to help with infection prevention. It allows staff to easily engage patients at the point of care and have a secure and stable place to rest devices while they work with patients.

- Fixed height frame
- 5 Spoke Base
-3" Covered Clinic Casters
- White Wash Worksurface
- Black 20" Brass/Steel Industrial Flex Arm (6-1/2" Fixed and 14" Flexible), Fixed to Worksurface
- Equipped with a regular disc magnet designed to connect with Otterbox Defender and uniVERSE tablet cases using a case plate (sold separately)

Ships ready to assemble - also available fully assembled as Item CC5001FA.  *Alternative tops and finishes available.
Please call 800.854.8304 for assistance with other tablets/cases.


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