About First Healthcare Products, Inc.


Jerry Smith Sr., founder of FIRST Healthcare Products, made it his mission starting in 1945 to respond to the very real needs and challenges that frontline healthcare professionals face on a daily basis. Ever since, FIRST Healthcare has worked closely with doctors, nurses and practitioners to innovate patient centered charting solutions.

But First Healthcare is more than just a solution provider – our tireless customer service, seasoned sales support, commitment to long term customer satisfaction and industry best warranties have earned us our reputation as an invaluable colleague in the healthcare community. It is with healthcare professionals always in mind that we continue our mission to deliver high quality, efficient, and ergonomically superior solutions that maximize outcomes for healthcare providers and their patients. Today we offer over 11,000 patient charting and record keeping products in over 40 countries worldwide.

Launched in 2007, our Cura division now offers over 5000 unique point of care IT support solutions for EMR implementation, including modular and customizable IT carts, wall mounted articulating arms and IT wall desks. More than just a solution provider, our Cura division is an integrator of IT solutions, a single source to IT departments for advice, service and solutions supporting improved point of care charting.


As EMR evolves we continue to collaborate with front line professionals to anticipate and react to ever-evolving challenges and needs with innovative customized solutions designed to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve patient outcomes through more efficient and accurate communication
  • Improve coding efficiency and accuracy
  • Improve HIPAA compliance
  • Improve training efficiency for new staff
  • Increase purchasing standardization
  • Ease and improve EMR transitions

Mission Statement

The ongoing mission of First Healthcare Products is to optimize patient outcomes by using our listening skills, experience, and innovation to reinvent point of care charting.

Vision Statement

Reinventing patient charting to optimize patient outcomes Values Statement: We put our family First with a strong commitment to Accountability, Balance, Caring and Service.
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